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Our class is going to attend at an "International Education Partnership Conference" at 16. of September. In class today we got a task to do research on the people speaking there, and write a blogpost about them.  

The conference starts with a presentation from Sandvika upper secondary School. Four students from our International English class are going to  present how we learn at Sandvika. Here are some points they will mention: the use of Unibok, Kahoot, Twitter, skyping with students from other countries and so on. 



Susan M Lederer 

-Dr. Susan Lederer is a Planetary and Space Scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. Her research is in both orbital debris as well as planetary science with emphasis on comet and asteroids. So basically, she studies junk created by humans in orbit around Earth, and the left over junk created by the Solar System when it formed. 

Dr.Sue has used her experiance to analyse the movie Gravity to explain what is realistic and what is movie tricks to make the audience happy this is what she has to say  "There are pieces in the movie that are much more grandiose because the film makers wanted to make it exciting. There are pieces in the movie that are actually worse in reality in space than they are shown in the movie." 





Ellen Therese Rasmussen, Union Consult 

 "Girls and technology" 

Ellen Therese Rasmussen from Union Consult will talk about the topic "Girls and Technology". Girls and women are underrepresented in scientific, technological, engineering and math subjects (STEM-subjects), as have been noted by scholars, organizations and policy makers. Several organizations such as Girls in Tech and Women in Technology have a common goal of engaging and educating women within STEM-related subjects and encourage them to pursue careers related to these.  

On the other hand, scholars are exploring the different reasons as to why there is such a big gender gap in STEM fields, and ways to increase the diversity is these subjects. In addition, research has found that women steer away from STEM fields because they are not qualified for them; a study suggested that this could be fixed by encouraging girls in school to participate in more mathematics classes. Teachers will also often give boys more oppotuniites to ask questions and find solutions to problems, while girls are told to sit still and follow the rules.  

These gender norms are a huge part as to why girls are discouraged from STEM-subjects, and is probably something Rasmussen will talk about this day.  




Rick Hieb 

Hieb is vice president of the Exploration & Mission Support division within Lockheed Martin. He is a former astronaut with 3 space shuttle missions during the 90s on the shuttle endeavour. During his missions the shuttle he was on transported the parts that was used to make the ISS (international space station ). He currantly holds the world record for longes space walk ever, over 8 hours long. Over his carere he has spent more than 750 hours in space. These days he travels around the world talking about his space experinace. 




Douglas Watt 

At 14:15 Douglas Watt is going to present the Global Best Award for excellence in partnerships from across the world. Douglas Watt is the Director of Research in the Industry and Business Strategy Group at The Conference Board of Canada. He specialices in research of productivity, workforce capacity, workplace learning and development, and organizational effectiveness.  


Global changes  1

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I have watched ?a critical look at geoengineering against climate change? by David Keith. He studies our climate, and the many ideas people have found to solve the problems. Keith proposes an effective and inexpensive way to change the climate. His message is: ?What if we injected a huge cloud of ash into the atmosphere to deflect sunlight and heat??



This summer, Kuwait which is located in the Middle-East reach 54 degrees celsius. This is the highest measured temperature since 1913. The high temperatures are caused by human actions and global warming. If the increase continues the temperature may be to high for human survival. More people are driving cars and many people don?t care about recycling. It damages the nature and the consequences will only go beyond us.



The president candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have very different opinions on global warming and climate changes. Donald trump tweeted about global warming where he referred it as ?bullshit?. He claims that global warming is caused by nature itself and that humans only have a minor impact on the climate changes. If elected he promises to remove the funding for the environmental protection agency. Hillary Clinton said that if she is elected she will take the climate changes serious and she will also move forward with Obama?s clean power plan.

Norway helps saving the environment by only using clean energy from sources such as  hydropower and wind power. The government is also helping to decrease CO2 emissions by reducing the tax on electric cars so people will choose a more environmentally friendly alternative.





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